DIY Bathtub Crayons

With the incredible success of my homemade bathtub paints in mind… I decided to go ahead and try to make Bathtub crayons.  Same concept… drawing all over the tub and surrounding area…but this way there are no little jars or paintbrushes in the equation.

I do like to think of myself as “crafty” but I am not so crafty that I just have crayon molds lying around the house.  So these bathtub crayons will not be as pretty as the ones you will find in the store or even on those super-mom blogs…those ladies are far more crafty than I :)

Notice that my crayons are squared– much like those triangle crayons that my children use so well, I figured having the edges might help their little hands grasp on better in the bathtub.

You will need:

IVORY soap- 3 bars

Food Coloring

Warm Water



-Grate 1 cup worth of soap

-Add 5 drops off food coloring to your soap shavings

-Add a few tablespoons of warm water (I would suggest 1-2)

-Begin to mix your food coloring and warm water throughout your soap shavings.  Mixing slowly and kneading the mixture until it forms a thick and gritty dough.

-Begin to roll out your dough mixture.  **Here is where I split the dough in two in order to stretch out the recipe and make a set of crayons for each of my toddlers**

-Using your fingers, form the dough into your desired shape.  In this case– use your fingers to elongate the dough and make your squared edges.

-Place each pair of crayons in the freezer while you work on the next color (about 10 minutes)  Then move them to a platter to dry and harden overnight.

-Repeat these steps for each of your different colored crayons.  Once they dry and harden overnight… let your little ones get creative in the tub!

Did you try this?  How did it turn out?  Please share in the comments section below, I would love to hear about it!


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