I’m a mess…

I am a mess.  It’s ridiculous and it’s reaching new levels.

I came to this conclusion at 2am when I was searching my dark living room for my remote control with this Thomas the Train flashlight…

I am a 27 year old, mother of 3 and this is how I try to find things in the dark.  I don’t know what is worse– the fact that I was using this particular flashlight,  that I was up at 2am knowing my 10 month old will be up in 5 hours, or the fact that I spent all day looking for a remote control so that I didn’t have to walk over to the television to turn the channel.

1)  I was only 6 feet away from my living room light switch, but the train-flashlight was closer.

2)  Yes, the baby will be up in just a few hours…but that’s how desperate I am for alone time.  With enough silence so that I can think, or not think, but at least just have some part of my day where I am not the juice-fetcher, butt-wiper, booboo kisser, referee, encyclopedia, chef, actress, and one-woman-show.

3)  I am that spoiled.  Watch live tv that includes COMMERCIALS?!  No thank you.  Walk 7 or 8 feet everytime I want to change the channel or adjust the volume?  No thank you.

…I’m a mess.  But at least I make myself laugh :P  Good news though!  I found the remote ;)  Thanks, Thomas!


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