I ate your mommy (4-4-12)


After having a good few days with all of the kids, today is definitely a Mommy FAIL and it is only 2:24pm.

1.)  I started off the day by convincing Kaydence I was a monster (who ate her mommy) and I would eat her favorite bunny if she didn’t stop bugging me while I was on the phone with Geico.  The Geico representative thought it was hilarious and since it actually worked… he is probably going to go home and try it out on his kids.  In my defense, no one was supposed to hear that except Kaydence…I thought I was on hold.  I’m spreading my awesome parenting skills across the nation ;)  I’m wondering how else I can use this monster thing to my advantage– clean rooms maybe?

2.)  I also caved and let the kids eat Ramen noodles for lunch.  Don’t lecture me here… I don’t do it all the time, but they are making me crazy today and I got 10 minutes of quiet time while they ate.  I’ll load them up on vegetables at dinner time to make up for it ;)

3.)  I realized that my ability to “tune out” noise has reached an impressive level.  I’m not quite sure how long Kaydence was saying “mommy…. mommy…. mommy….” before she ended up cupping her hands around her mouth and shouting “MOMMMYYYYYY!!! MOMMMMMMYYYY!!!”  This made me giggle (and her too) so I wondered what she would do if I acted like I still didn’t hear her.  She did some type of jumping jack movement, probably to provide a visual distraction instead of just an auditory one.  When that didn’t work she brought herself two inches from the side of my face and started poking my cheek while simultaneously repeating “Mommy… Mommy…”  I couldn’t pretend anymore, my eyes were full of tears from trying not to laugh.  She won.  Maybe I’ll try this again tomorrow and get it on video.




2 responses to “I ate your mommy (4-4-12)

  1. Haha! I loved reading this…definitely using the monster idea when my kids get older!

  2. Hahaha, see?! My AWESOME parenting skills really are spreading ;)

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