Happy Easter

This year I didn’t get any shots of the kids waking up to their baskets and I really wish that I had.  This was the first Easter that the kids were excited to wake up knowing that the Easter bunny had come and their little faces were priceless!  It is also worth mentioning that I have a problem limiting the kids candy intake on holidays so needless to say they were on a constant sugar high since 8am…  I did manage to squeeze in a picture with all 3 kids before we left the house, since I am always the one behind the camera– it’s nice to actually be in a picture with my kids.

Yesterday we made the 2 hour drive to my FIL’s house to celebrate Easter.  Of course, we were running late (I’d really like to meet the mother who can arrive on time with 3 children under four years old in tow, she’s my hero)  But after the morning craziness we all had a great day :)  Amazing food, great company, and the traveling-comedy-show that is my children.  My MIL placed a cute little quilt out on the grass for Jacob and it resulted in one of the cutest Easter pictures of the day…

As I grow up and “mature” (those who really know me are laughing right now.  The LAST thing I am is mature) I realize just how stressful it can be to host a holiday or other event, so I have started to bring little hostess-gifts with me whenever I attend something at someone else’s home.  This Easter I went with a little spring flower arrangement for my MIL– isn’t it adorable?

The kids were especially cute today, and I take pictures of them even when they are screaming/crying/throwing tantrums… so you know I went overboard with the pictures today while they were well behaved and happy :P


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  1. Such beautiful photos! And like you, I struggle to find a moment when I’m not the wrong side of the camera – love the shot of you together first thing, it’s fabulous!

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