Thank You!

Yesterday was a pretty rough day for me.  My husband was getting ready to head out-of-town for work until Saturday when I found out that my Aunt passed away.  I was feeling pretty down when I had a knock on the door and opened it to find out the my neighbors were cutting our grass for us.  After living in Jacksonville, Florida for the past 10 years I almost forgot what it was like to have nice neighbors and I was beyond grateful to them.  So…  in my ongoing effort to show people how much I appreciate everything that they do for me, I created this little THANK YOU {bowl} and delivered it to them today.  


I saw this idea on Pinterest and decided it would be perfect.  I of course went to purchase the tags to save myself some time, but the seller only had them in Christmas colors unless I wanted to pay an additional $15 for her to change the colors… NO THANKS!  I’ll design something on my own, and share it FOR FREE with those who follow my blog ;)  Mine are completely different and I happen to like them MUCH better! 

I made some “soda-lighted your my neighbor” tags for the soda bottles…

Some tiny little “Thank You!” tags for the bottom of the chocolate kisses…

And a “for the COOLEST kids on the block” tag to put around some ice pops for the kids of the house….

All of these tags that I just mentioned are my own personal design and I will try to provide that file here for free.  In the next photo you will see some polka dot bag toppers– but I did not design those, I downloaded them (for free) here.

This whole THANK YOU {bowl} cost me a total of around $13 and here is the cost breakdown:

Bowl- $1

Soda- $3.40

Cookie Dough- $2.50

Chocolate Kisses- $3

Ice Pops- $1.50

Tissue Paper- $1

Stay tuned for the free tags!!!



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17 responses to “Thank You!

  1. aunt mary

    what a great idea for some great people.

  2. Amanda

    I LOVE this!!!! I found your post right on time, too – I need this for our neighbor who just moved in! They noticed we have 2 dogs, and theirs had just passed away 3 weeks ago – they brought us all their leftover dog food and treats. This basket will be a great way to start to show them we appreciate them! Any chance your printable labels are available yet?

  3. Stephanie

    Hi, i absolutely love this! Can you please let me know if the printable tags are available yet anywhere on your blog – I would love to use your ideas! Thanks very much!

  4. daphne

    I saw this idea on pintrest! Id love to do this for my neighbor! Any chance I could get the labels from you?! Mine wouldnt be near as nice!

  5. Can you email me the jpg for the files? Thanks!

  6. Melaney

    I love this idea! i’m waiting for some new neighbors to move in, there are two empty apts in my bldg. I can not find the printables, is the link up yet?

  7. Kelly Bradshaw

    can I get printable label for the soda-lighted you’re my neighbor as well?? ADORABLE!!!

  8. I’d love to get the printable labels! We just moved and I’d love to share with our new neighbors. :)

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