Gifts for Mothers Day!

When my etsy shop opened in September 2011, I was ridiculously unprepared for the Christmas orders.  I did expect for there to be an increase in orders but I did NOT expect to run out of supplies FOUR TIMES over because of the increase…

With that being said, this is the first MOTHERS DAY that my shop will be open for!  How exciting is that?!  I have stocked up on all of the supplies I will need and I have even made some special occasion designs that I thought I would share with the world, or my 10 followers lol.

I made this particular design with my own grandmothers in mind :)  I wanted a way to incorporate the motherly figure that they are to their kids, grandkids and great grandkids… but that would be entirely too many names to include, so I came up with this!  I am very excited about this keychain and my grandmothers love it as much as everyone else has.  If you happen to  be interested in purchasing this custom designed keychain for someone in your life, you can buy this keychain here.

After the incredible success of my “Proud to be a Nurse” keychain– I thought to myself… “what other job is a woman proud to have?” and of course I came up with MOM!!!  I love the pop of purple in this design and I know that any mother would be happy to have this on their keys.  If interested you can purchase this keychain here.

Finally, I came up with this design since as a mother of three very small children, I like to receive those little things from them that remind me of just how little they are.  Everything about this design makes me feel like it is something that they would give me on Mothers Day.  If this seems like something that you would like to own, you can find it here.


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