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Fun with chalk!

Today I decided to try to get some fun pictures of the kids.  Whenever I make the decision to take pictures where the kids are supposed to “pose” it never quite works out.  Actually, that may be the understatement of the year.  You can’t possibly imagine what I went through to get the picture I used in last years Christmas card… But I must have woke up on the crazy side of the bed today since I felt like trying some posed-for photos again.

I took the kids chalk and set out to the garage (we don’t keep our cars in there most of the time and today was no different)  I had this cute idea of drawing a set of balloons with strings hanging from them and having my oldest son “hang on” to the strings while holding hands with his siblings.  If  this would have worked according to plan– the kids would have looked like they were floating away with the balloons.  Notice how I emphasized the word “if.”  Instead, this is what we ended up with…


 I’m working with toddlers and a 10 month old… I really need to lower the “bar” for picture expectations.  I was not only asking them all to look in the same direction at the same time, but I was also asking for them all to stay still at the same time, smile at the same time and I clearly was out of my league here.  My 10 month old is mobile now– there is no way IN HELL that he was gonna lay down for this picture, let alone look at me and smile.  The other two were just so excited about the idea of playing with chalk that they could care less about posing for my picture. 

I did draw some other scenarios for them to pose in…  Here is my little girl with the princess crown that I drew for her. 


And here is my big guy posing in the car that I made just for him…

And finally here is a slightly blurry shot of my baby boy (I’ll take what I can get) sitting with the moon and stars that I drew for him…


WARNING:  Trying this out with young kids like mine, seriously had me sweating it was so difficult.  I desperately wanted a good shot of them individually, and then all together… But don’t do what I did; Instead, take it with a grain of salt and just have fun with it.  Once I let go of my expectations for the picture… we had A LOT more fun :)  If you are daring enough to try this out with your kids I would love to see the pictures!  Hopefully your children are more cooperative than my  monsters angels were!


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DIY Bathtub Crayons

With the incredible success of my homemade bathtub paints in mind… I decided to go ahead and try to make Bathtub crayons.  Same concept… drawing all over the tub and surrounding area…but this way there are no little jars or paintbrushes in the equation.

I do like to think of myself as “crafty” but I am not so crafty that I just have crayon molds lying around the house.  So these bathtub crayons will not be as pretty as the ones you will find in the store or even on those super-mom blogs…those ladies are far more crafty than I :)

Notice that my crayons are squared– much like those triangle crayons that my children use so well, I figured having the edges might help their little hands grasp on better in the bathtub.

You will need:

IVORY soap- 3 bars

Food Coloring

Warm Water



-Grate 1 cup worth of soap

-Add 5 drops off food coloring to your soap shavings

-Add a few tablespoons of warm water (I would suggest 1-2)

-Begin to mix your food coloring and warm water throughout your soap shavings.  Mixing slowly and kneading the mixture until it forms a thick and gritty dough.

-Begin to roll out your dough mixture.  **Here is where I split the dough in two in order to stretch out the recipe and make a set of crayons for each of my toddlers**

-Using your fingers, form the dough into your desired shape.  In this case– use your fingers to elongate the dough and make your squared edges.

-Place each pair of crayons in the freezer while you work on the next color (about 10 minutes)  Then move them to a platter to dry and harden overnight.

-Repeat these steps for each of your different colored crayons.  Once they dry and harden overnight… let your little ones get creative in the tub!

Did you try this?  How did it turn out?  Please share in the comments section below, I would love to hear about it!

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Homemade fingerpaints

I made these back in September for MJ and Kaydence and they LOVED it.  I was new to the “stay at home mom” thing and was trying to figure out ways to keep them entertained and happy… while giving me a little break.  I would much rather be wiping off their little fingers and helping them paint than battle them all day about screaming, fighting and running all over the house.  This was one of the first, if not the first, crafty thing that we all did together here in Oklahoma and for that reason, the pictures they painted that day are still proudly displayed on my refrigerator :)

When I made these fingerpaints, I had no intention of beginning a blog; therefore, I did not take pictures of every step.  If you need visuals, check out Penniless Parenting— they used the same recipe that I did and they have the pictures you need :)

You will need:

4 tbsp sugar (granulated)

1/2 cup corn starch

2 cups water

Food coloring

Baby food jars (or other small containers)


-In a medium sized pan- combine your sugar, corn starch and water.  Mix these ingredients well, ensuring that you remove all of the lumps.  Some people use a fork for this but I prefer a whisk.

-Next, stir your mixture while heating it on high.  DO NOT STOP MIXING.  Your mixture will thicken, remove from heat.

-Divide the mixture you have created amongst your emptied, cleaned and dried baby food jars.  Once you have divided your mixture amongst the jars, add a few drops of food coloring into your jar and mix well.  Add a few more drops until you reach the color you would like.  The lighter your color is INSIDE the jar…the lighter your color will be on the PAPER.

**Make sure to work relatively quickly when adding your colors to the jar…the food coloring combines the best while the mixture is warm.

-Allow your fingerpaints to cool (I let them cool overnight) and have fun :)


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Bathtub Painting :)

I’m going to be honest…a lot of my “creativity” with my kids comes from pinterest.  Most of the fun little things we do together originated from someone else thinking the idea was great enough to share (pin).  I will always do my best to credit my sources, and for this particular activity all of the credit goes to Meet the Dubiens.

This bathtub paint kept my two toddlers entertained for HOURS!  Aside from the occasional battle over which colors belonged to who, this was a great activity for young kids.   I just slapped their bathing suits on and let them do their thing!  They didn’t even realize I was brushing them up on their colors and shapes along the way ;)


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You will need:

Baby Shampoo (clear)

Corn Starch

Food coloring

Baby Food Jars (or other small, air-tight containers)


In a large bowl, take 1 cup of baby shampoo and combine it with 4 tablespoons of cornstarch.  Mix well and spread into your small containers.  I had two boxes of different food colorings so I put less of the mixture in each jar in order to give the kids more colors to chose from.  Once the mixture is in your containers, simply add ONE drop of food coloring into each and mix well.  One drop of food coloring is plenty and doesn’t stain the tub ;)

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