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Fun with chalk!

Today I decided to try to get some fun pictures of the kids.  Whenever I make the decision to take pictures where the kids are supposed to “pose” it never quite works out.  Actually, that may be the understatement of the year.  You can’t possibly imagine what I went through to get the picture I used in last years Christmas card… But I must have woke up on the crazy side of the bed today since I felt like trying some posed-for photos again.

I took the kids chalk and set out to the garage (we don’t keep our cars in there most of the time and today was no different)  I had this cute idea of drawing a set of balloons with strings hanging from them and having my oldest son “hang on” to the strings while holding hands with his siblings.  If  this would have worked according to plan– the kids would have looked like they were floating away with the balloons.  Notice how I emphasized the word “if.”  Instead, this is what we ended up with…


 I’m working with toddlers and a 10 month old… I really need to lower the “bar” for picture expectations.  I was not only asking them all to look in the same direction at the same time, but I was also asking for them all to stay still at the same time, smile at the same time and I clearly was out of my league here.  My 10 month old is mobile now– there is no way IN HELL that he was gonna lay down for this picture, let alone look at me and smile.  The other two were just so excited about the idea of playing with chalk that they could care less about posing for my picture. 

I did draw some other scenarios for them to pose in…  Here is my little girl with the princess crown that I drew for her. 


And here is my big guy posing in the car that I made just for him…

And finally here is a slightly blurry shot of my baby boy (I’ll take what I can get) sitting with the moon and stars that I drew for him…


WARNING:  Trying this out with young kids like mine, seriously had me sweating it was so difficult.  I desperately wanted a good shot of them individually, and then all together… But don’t do what I did; Instead, take it with a grain of salt and just have fun with it.  Once I let go of my expectations for the picture… we had A LOT more fun :)  If you are daring enough to try this out with your kids I would love to see the pictures!  Hopefully your children are more cooperative than my  monsters angels were!


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Happy Easter

This year I didn’t get any shots of the kids waking up to their baskets and I really wish that I had.  This was the first Easter that the kids were excited to wake up knowing that the Easter bunny had come and their little faces were priceless!  It is also worth mentioning that I have a problem limiting the kids candy intake on holidays so needless to say they were on a constant sugar high since 8am…  I did manage to squeeze in a picture with all 3 kids before we left the house, since I am always the one behind the camera– it’s nice to actually be in a picture with my kids.

Yesterday we made the 2 hour drive to my FIL’s house to celebrate Easter.  Of course, we were running late (I’d really like to meet the mother who can arrive on time with 3 children under four years old in tow, she’s my hero)  But after the morning craziness we all had a great day :)  Amazing food, great company, and the traveling-comedy-show that is my children.  My MIL placed a cute little quilt out on the grass for Jacob and it resulted in one of the cutest Easter pictures of the day…

As I grow up and “mature” (those who really know me are laughing right now.  The LAST thing I am is mature) I realize just how stressful it can be to host a holiday or other event, so I have started to bring little hostess-gifts with me whenever I attend something at someone else’s home.  This Easter I went with a little spring flower arrangement for my MIL– isn’t it adorable?

The kids were especially cute today, and I take pictures of them even when they are screaming/crying/throwing tantrums… so you know I went overboard with the pictures today while they were well behaved and happy :P

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Mommy’s Sippy Cup

Is it strange that even though my husband had an unexpected day off and was home to help out today… I felt more stressed than normal?  He helps a lot and I want to be sure that I am giving him credit for that but, it seems as though it’s one more person to take care of despite the fact that he is a fully capable adult.  Anyway– I made this wine-cup a week or two ago and tonight was the first time I actually used it :)  It is a little rough around the edges but I figure after a few glasses of wine that I wont be able to notice… or simply wont care lol.

There are some instructions on how to paint a wine glass and here is the run down:

-clean your wine glass with rubbing alcohol and allow to dry completely

-Trace your design using a fine tip sharpee (or free hand it if your art skills are good enough)

-Use enamel paint to apply your design

-Allow it to dry overnight

-Place the glass upside down on a foil lined cookie sheet and place in an unheated oven.  Once the glass is inside, THEN begin to heat the oven to 325°

-Leave the glass in the oven for 10 minutes (while the oven is in the process of heating) and then turn the oven off once the 10 minutes are up.  Allow the glass to remain inside for another 25 minutes while the oven is off and cooling down.

-Remove glass from oven… using oven mitts (I shouldn’t have to state this, but you would be surprised…)

-Again allow the glass to stay on the counter overnight before washing and using it

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I ate your mommy (4-4-12)


After having a good few days with all of the kids, today is definitely a Mommy FAIL and it is only 2:24pm.

1.)  I started off the day by convincing Kaydence I was a monster (who ate her mommy) and I would eat her favorite bunny if she didn’t stop bugging me while I was on the phone with Geico.  The Geico representative thought it was hilarious and since it actually worked… he is probably going to go home and try it out on his kids.  In my defense, no one was supposed to hear that except Kaydence…I thought I was on hold.  I’m spreading my awesome parenting skills across the nation ;)  I’m wondering how else I can use this monster thing to my advantage– clean rooms maybe?

2.)  I also caved and let the kids eat Ramen noodles for lunch.  Don’t lecture me here… I don’t do it all the time, but they are making me crazy today and I got 10 minutes of quiet time while they ate.  I’ll load them up on vegetables at dinner time to make up for it ;)

3.)  I realized that my ability to “tune out” noise has reached an impressive level.  I’m not quite sure how long Kaydence was saying “mommy…. mommy…. mommy….” before she ended up cupping her hands around her mouth and shouting “MOMMMYYYYYY!!! MOMMMMMMYYYY!!!”  This made me giggle (and her too) so I wondered what she would do if I acted like I still didn’t hear her.  She did some type of jumping jack movement, probably to provide a visual distraction instead of just an auditory one.  When that didn’t work she brought herself two inches from the side of my face and started poking my cheek while simultaneously repeating “Mommy… Mommy…”  I couldn’t pretend anymore, my eyes were full of tears from trying not to laugh.  She won.  Maybe I’ll try this again tomorrow and get it on video.



Crockpot Ranch Pork Chops

Today was definitely a crock pot kind of day.  With homework to do, keychain orders to fill, midterms to study for, 3 kids to watch (and clean up after)… I wouldn’t have been able to squeeze in cooking dinner any other way.  So I thought I would share one of my family’s FAVORITE crock pot meals :)

I saw this meal idea a while back and made it according to the original recipe which can be found here.  After making the recipe according to their instructions…it needed some adjustments to fit our family.  We are gravy lovers– so first and foremost I needed to figure out a way to make more gravy.  Secondly, the ranch flavor was too rich for me and the kids… my husband loved it– but he was out numbered.  I adjusted the recipe a little bit and made my own mashed potato recipe instead of the one they provided.  Here goes!

You will need:

6 boneless pork chops

2 cans Cream of Chicken Soup

1 packet (dry) ranch dressing mix

Empty both cans of Cream of Chicken soup into your crockpot along with the packet of ranch and mix together.  Once mixed well, add your boneless pork chops (I like to cover my pork chops with the chicken soup/ranch mix)  and allow them to cook for around 6 hours.

Sidenote:  I was in a pinch today and let the chops cook on high for 4 hours, but they were just as delicious and tender :)

So yummy and soooo simple!   If you are in need of a recipe for mashed potatoes, here is the one I used tonight:

Dee’s Light and Creamy Mashed Potatoes

You will need:

10 medium potatoes, peeled and cubed

3/4 cup margerine or butter

1/2 cup milk

1 cup mayonaise

garlic powder (to taste)

salt (to taste)

pepper (to taste)

1.)  Peel your potatoes

2.)  Cut your potatoes into cubes

3.)  Add enough water to cover your potatoes and boil until the potatoes are soft to bite and ready to mash.

Do you like this little guy holding my spoon?  You can find him and other little variations of this product here!

4.) Strain your potatoes, and reenter them into your pot.  Add butter, mayonaisse, milk, garlic, salt and pepper and mix with an electric mixer.

5.)  Serve and enjoy!

Did you try this recipe?  Let me know! I would love to hear about it :)

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I’m a mess…

I am a mess.  It’s ridiculous and it’s reaching new levels.

I came to this conclusion at 2am when I was searching my dark living room for my remote control with this Thomas the Train flashlight…

I am a 27 year old, mother of 3 and this is how I try to find things in the dark.  I don’t know what is worse– the fact that I was using this particular flashlight,  that I was up at 2am knowing my 10 month old will be up in 5 hours, or the fact that I spent all day looking for a remote control so that I didn’t have to walk over to the television to turn the channel.

1)  I was only 6 feet away from my living room light switch, but the train-flashlight was closer.

2)  Yes, the baby will be up in just a few hours…but that’s how desperate I am for alone time.  With enough silence so that I can think, or not think, but at least just have some part of my day where I am not the juice-fetcher, butt-wiper, booboo kisser, referee, encyclopedia, chef, actress, and one-woman-show.

3)  I am that spoiled.  Watch live tv that includes COMMERCIALS?!  No thank you.  Walk 7 or 8 feet everytime I want to change the channel or adjust the volume?  No thank you.

…I’m a mess.  But at least I make myself laugh :P  Good news though!  I found the remote ;)  Thanks, Thomas!

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